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I'm the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass.com, a premier membership platform for WordPress. I'm a full-time Entrepreneur based in San Diego, CA.

The Magic Of Funnels

When it comes right down to it, there are 3 fundamental ways in which you can increase your profits.

1) Increase "Number of Sales" (Traffic & Conversion)
2) Increase "Number of Transactions per Sale" (Upsells)
3) Increase "Number of Repeat Sales" (Additional Products, Continuity)

Sure, there are a number of other supporting components that are also important - like Price, Proof, Authority, Margins, Support etc. But at the very core, the above 3 ways are all you really need to master.

And the good news is that all of these can be done with your *existing* traffic that you're already getting. What's even crazier, is that if you increase each of these metrics by just 15%, and you can increase your overall profits by up to 52%

Increase other metrics like Traffic, or maybe reduce a metric like Refund Rate, and you can skyrocket your profits by up to 300% without breaking a sweat!

And that kind of growth is exactly what I can help you achieve.

You probably also want to know how automate this entire funnel. And how to monetize your content that you are spending tens or hundreds of hours creating.

I can help you with that too.

So, whether you are a Web site owner, Video course creator, How-To product Publisher, a Kindle Author or Writer, I can help you put together the ultimate, end-to-end Marketing Funnel for your products and services, and also help you figure out how to actually put it in action.

If you are looking to grow your existing business multiple fold, then do not hesitate to call me at 347-992-4212 or email me at Ravi{at}DigitalAccessPass.com.

I live in sunny San Diego with my wife, 2 beautiful kids and the world's sweetest dog. And I look forward to helping you double, triple or even quadruple your business.


- Ravi Jayagopal
Super Geek, Profit Hacker & Marketing Consultant
Co-Founder & Co-Developer, DigitalAccessPass.com


Other Cool Things About Me...

  • I am the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of http://DigitalAccessPass.com - the world's #1 membership plugin for WordPress
  • Started my first web site selling a book on baby names, in 1998
  • A WordPress evangelist and enthusiast, blogging with WordPress since 2004.
  • A previously top 100, in-category best-selling Author on Amazon.com - see No Business Like E-Business
  • A Continuity Consultant who has personally advised, consulted with and helped over 5,000 small businesses in the last 10 years
  • Was an Enterprise Java Architect & Developer in his "former life" consulting with Fortune 50 companies like AT&T and Sempra Trading
  • Doing business online and developing web apps since 1995, I am a Geek-turned-Marketer who excels at developing web apps and plugins for online marketers.
  • I was the first to develop a "Download Protector" PHP web app in 2000 - at a time when most people didn't know that their content was being stolen, and didn't even realize that Paypal or ClickBank wouldn't automatically protect their content, via the now defunct MyWebmasterInABox.com
  • I invented the concept and term of "Content Dripping", where you slowly release content just like you would with a pre-scheduled email autoresponder. And thus I coined words like "ContentResponder" and "Drip Feed".
  • Check out my poor blog which hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, due to me being too busy making money with real products and services, at RavisRants.com.
    I am also officially the "Coolest Geek On The Planet" (even Google seems to agree)


Check out some of my web sites and products below . Here goes the partial list...

DigitalAccessPass.com: Membership Plugin for WordPress Blogs. My flagship product.

RavisRants.com: My business blog, where I write about Technology, Google and the Web.

No Business Like E-Business
My best-selling book about how to create a web site and make money with it.

Available at Amazon.com

Read it for free online at NBLEB.com

No Business Like E-Business

RaviRecommends.com: Tools & Technology that I personally use and recommend.


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